Catholicism_at_the_Millennium.jpgCatholicism at the Millennium
Edited by Gerald L. Miller and Wilburn T. Stancil

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June 2001

In a rapidly diverse and increasingly secularized culture, how will the Roman Catholic Church, an institution steeped in tradition, respond to the challenges of the 21st century? From the perspective of theology, biology, economics, sociology, music, history, and language, Catholicism at the Millennium explores crucial issues facing the Catholic Church at the start of the third Christian millennium.

Gerald L. Miller is a professor of economics in the School of Management at Rockhurst University.

Wilburn T. Stancil is an associate professor of theology in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at Rockhurst University.

What others are saying about Catholicism at the Millennium:

Catholicism at the Millennium provides "exceptional overviews of the principles of Catholic thought." The book offers "an introspective and engaging conversation among American Catholic intellectuals." It "will absorb the perceptive reader in the ongoing debates with Catholicism about faith, reason, and culture."

Joseph S.
Rossi, S.J.
Professor of Theology
Loyola College

A "remarkable collection" of essays, which "is by any intellectual reckoning first rate" and "attractively written and highly readable. . . There is nothing trivial or slipshod here."

Marvin R. O'Connell
Professor Emeritus of History
University of Notre Dame

"Catholicism at the Millennium affords readers the opportunity to explore both the old and the new, as the Roman Catholic Church transitions into the third Christian millennium. The book assembles the well-articulated views of representative scholars from a wide spectrum of academic fields and schools. It underscores the complementary relationship between faith and reason, the community of humanity as an arena for the discovery of God and God's truth, the ethical dimension necessary for the proper use of knowledge, the justice and dignity due to all persons, and the life of service as a way of discovering one's true self."

Edward Kinerk, S.J.

"Ranging from history and sociology to ecumenism and social justice, Catholicism at the Millennium is a 'tour' of the pressing issues confronting the Roman Catholic Church today. Each chapter is accessible but not simplistic, inviting the reader to engage in critical reflection on key themes of the Catholic intellectual tradition. It is heartening to see in this volume the vitality and power of a Catholic sensibility that draws on both faith and reason without slighting either. Such balance is all too rare in today's culture. Professors, students, clergy, and laity will find this volume to be an important resource for understanding what it means to be Catholic in the 21st century."

William F. Haefele, Ph.D.